Security Training

Security Training

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SIA Courses

SK-Security & Training Services Ltd are now providing SIA security courses, allowing people to work within the security sector from Retail security to Door Supervisor status to Close Protection, we also provide other areas of training to the members of the public for self-defense classes, to control and restraint and even hand cuff courses. We will also be providing First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at work. We also will be doing the latest upskilling courses for the security sector that you work within.

Here are the courses that we provide…..

  • Door Supervisor Training (£290.00 6-Day course)
  • Close Protection Training (1500.00 14-Day course)
  • Security Guard Training (£230.00 4-day course)
  • First Aid at Work Training (£170.00 3-day course)
  • Emergency First Aid at Work Training (£110.00 1-day course)
  • Control and Restraint & Hand Cuff Training(£200.00 3-day course)
  • DS upskilling course (£110.00 2-day course)
  • SG upskilling course (£85.00 1-day course)

Package deals


  • Emergency First Aid at work/hand cuff course (£280.00 4-day course)
  • Security Guard training/First Aid at work (£350.00 7-day course based over 2 weeks)

Coming soon…………


  • Self Defense Classes
  • Spectator & Safety course L2
  • PMVA course (prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression Level 2
  • PMVA Course (prevention & management of violence & Aggression Level 2 Extended course

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